Pick up and drop off

We work very hard to stay on schedule in order to provide a calm and smooth experience for every dog. Please drop off and pick up on time. Even arriving early can affect another client's session. Please specify if there is a certain time you need the grooming to be complete when the appointment is made or during drop off. We will contact all clients 15-20 minutes before your dog is ready. 

Cancellations and No Shows

Please provide a 24 hour notice when canceling. Since The Grooming Studio is by appointment only and products are prepared specifically for your dog, not showing or not calling for your appointment affects our operations and our ability to provide the best service to other clients.  Prepayment for service may be required in order to hold future appointments due to a pattern of missed appointments or last minute cancellations. Emergency situations and other compelling reasons are always taken into consideration. 

Although reminder calls/texts are generally given before an appointment, they are a courtesy and are not guaranteed. 


Our business is home based and we do not knowingly accept dogs with fleas. In the event fleas are found on the dog, and we deem the amount minimal enough to continue service, a $10 fee will be applied for flea bath and prompt deep cleaning of the salon. If your dog has a pattern of having fleas, we will discontinue service. Please inspect your pet before your appointment. We recommend a veterinary clinic for dips, treatments, and preventatives. 


The state of Illinois does not require proof of vaccinations prior to grooming services, however, we may seek affirmation in relevant cases, such as a bite. If your dog is not current on vaccinations, we are not responsible for any viruses/diseases that may be contracted from being in a multi-dog environment. 

Other Policies and Reminders

-As new customers, please notify us of any specific issues or sensitivities your dog may have with the grooming process. This will ensure the safety of your dog and the groomer. We reserve the right to stop the grooming process if your dog's behavior becomes unsafe to continue.

-Although our efforts are made to provide a comfortable experience for your dog, some dogs may be nervous or anxious, which can cause the urge to pee or poop. Please walk your dog before your appointment. For the safety of your dog and others, we will not walk your dog while he/she is in our care. Please clean up after your dog. Bags are available in the salon for you to use. If we feel our home is not being respected, we will discontinue service. 

-Your dog will also be crated in our care while he/she is not being groomed. It is important to us that your dog is secure at all times, which may be during times when other clients are opening doors and bringing other dogs in for their appointment. 

-Please bring your dog in with a leash and collar. Although your dog may be thoroughly trained or even small enough to carry, it is a preventative measure that may help when an unpredictable situation may arise. We ask that if you use a retractable leash, that it is in a locked position. 

-We do not accept dogs over 75 pounds.

-We no longer shave double coated dogs. Examples include, but are not limited to Pomeranians, German Shepards, and Huskies. 

-Depending on your dog's breed and coat, we may require a maintenance schedule in order for your dog to remain on our current client list. Our goal is to keep our furry clients healthy and feeling good. This will be discussed with you upon check out and scheduling your next appointment. 

-Your dog's name, likeness, or photographs may be used in media, marketing, advertising, illustration or promotional materials. 

-We ask if you are unsatisfied with our services that you contact us first before posting on social media or giving a poor review. We would love the opportunity to be able to rectify any issues or concerns. 

Emergency Care

If the situation arises that your dog may need medical attention, we will contact you immediately. After being informed of the situation, you may make the decision to bring your dog to your veterinarian. If we are unable to reach you, we may make the decision to seek immediate medical attention at Oak Forest Animal Clinic